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Marina Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Religion (MCISR) is an innovative approach to study theology and religion. MCISR approaches the study of religion from an interdisciplinary perspective.  By using varied viewpoints, MCISR is not confined to study of texts, but to understand the complexity of the role of religion in various aspects of human life and society. This centre will facilitate interplay of humanities and social sciences in understanding religion in general and Christianity in particular. MCISR adopts social research methods that use people and other indigenous sources as the primary sources to study Christianity.

MCISR facilitates interdisciplinary research to have better understanding of lived realities associated with religion. Thus, MCISR envisages that the results of interdisciplinary research would enable stakeholders to effectively address the needs of poor, religious and ethnic minorities, and the marginalized leading to community transformation.

Network of Scholars:

MCISR aims to create a network of scholars, students, practitioners, in partnership with universities and like-minded institutions, to facilitate better understanding of the role of religion in society, culture, economics, politics, and lived religion in the lives of individual through research, colloquia, symposiums, seminars, conferences, and publications to foster peaceful coexistence and community transformation.


THEOn is the other initiative of Marina Initiatives for Transformation, where we offer online standalone courses. You are welcome to explore THEOn


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Managing Trust:

MCISR is an initiative of Marina Initiatives for Transformation, a non-profit religious education Trust registered in Chennai, India.

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