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Our Vision

Marina Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Religion (MCISR) envisions to facilitate interdisciplinary studies and research in understanding the role of religion, particularly Christianity, in the lives of individuals and in society leading to peaceful coexistence and community transformation.

Our Mission

MCISR aims at producing and equipping scholars to engage social sciences for theological research. By networking with institutions and universities, MCISR facilitates interdisciplinary research, offers academic programmes, organizes interdisciplinary seminars and conferences, and publishes academic resources in the field of religious studies with a special focus on Christianity/theology, to foster communal harmony and community transformation.

Academic Programmes

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MA Interdisciplinary Studies in Theology and Religion


PhD in Christian Studies

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International Faculty

Our modules are designed by international faculty and facilitated by Indian scholars with PhD. You will get the best of both worlds.

Online Library

We have number of open access journals and resources listed subject wise for easy reference. For prescribed readings, we mostly provide text in PDF, except for some modules.

Continuous Assessment

We don’t test your short-term memory with an exam. But you will have several assessment activities and a final creative project.

Flexible Timing

You don’t have to cancel any of your plans to attend classes. You choose when you want to attend it.

Self Paced

If you have a plenty of time, you can finish your MA in two years. If you are busy with your ministry/work, you can choose a pace that is suitable to you.


International quality at Indian price. Fully online mode of delivery makes it affordable for everyone.

Biblically Sound

All our modules are grounded in the Bible. They will increase your faith in God and motivate you to build God’s kingdom


Learning activities include reflective exercises that help you connect the content with your life and ministry.

Practically Grounded

Each module has a practical component that requires you to involve in ministry during the course.

Our Faculty Pool

All with PhD


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God has called you to serve Him by placing you wherever you are.
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