Interdisciplinary Research

Researching Lived Religion

MCISR facilitates interdisciplinary research to have a better understanding of lived religion. Lived realities are complex and can be understood better when theology engages other disciplinary perspectives and theories from social sciences.


Completed Projects

Transformative Religious Experience

A major interdisciplinary research on religious conversion, engaging social sciences, was completed and published as a book by MCISR. You may preview the book HERE

Religious Conversion and Personal Transformation

Christian conversion was analyzed from a psycho-spiritual perspective and was published in Transformation

Religious Conversion in India: Political Exploitation or Personal Transformation?

This research analyzed transformative religious experience of Brahmin converts to Christianity from a phenomenological perspective and critiqued the views of Gandhi and Golwalkar on religious conversion. It was published as a chapter in an edited volume by Fortress Press.

Research Interests

  • Religion and Individual
  • Religion and society
  • Religion and Culture
  • Religion and Politics
  • Religion and Economics
Future Projects

Religious Conversion and Family Estrangement

This study will examine the lived experience of family estrangement by converts to Christianity from the perspectives of theology, psychology, and family studies. It is likely to be published in a journal.

Spiritual Resources for Health Care Professionals Treating COVID-19 Patients

This study will explore ‘lived experience’ of health care professionals in providing medical care to patients infected by the deadly infectious virus COVID-19. It aims at answering the question: What are the spiritual resources deployed by medical professionals in a life-threatening situation while providing care to COVID-19 patients? The result of the study will be a significant contribution towards understanding the role of spirituality in the lives of health care professionals and throw more light on the role of spirituality in facing life threatening situations.