Frequently Asked Questions

You will have ten-week eight modules facilitated by scholars.

If you have plenty of time in hand, you can complete it in two years. If you are busy with your ministry/work, you can choose your pace to complete it in four years.

No. You choose when to login and learn.

No! You don’t have to be tech savvy. However, you need basic internet skills of accessing a website through a browser on a computer or a mobile device. Our e-learning platform is user friendly and highly intuitive which makes everyone feel comfortable in accessing the module contents.

Yes. Faculty will be facilitating discussion forums and be available for consultation through WhatsApp.

It will be notified soon.

You can apply online by clicking HERE. We accept only online applications.

There is no examination to check your memory. But you will have continuous assessments to evaluate your learning outcomes.

You will have quizzes, participation in discussion forums, reflective summaries, and a final creative project as assessments.

You will be doing a project on a topic. You will have to find out what the Bible, and theologians say about the topic. Then you will be collecting data from people in your church or fellowship group or public on what they have to say on the topic, analyze them, interpret them, and submit a report with your conclusion.

During the ten weeks while doing a module, you will involve in some kind of ministry activities where you will attempt to integrate your learning in practical ministry. At the end of the module, you will be submitting a report endorsed by your spiritual mentor/ministry supervisor.

At the time of admission, you will be asked to identify your spiritual mentor who will be journeying with you in mentoring you spiritually during the programme of study. He/she will also play the role of ministry supervisor.

Yes. You can have, but you have to inform us at the time of admission or before the start of course.

Early-bird discounts are available, to avail apply immediately. The fee is already subsidized for Indian students. The fee for international students is at Indian price which is incomparable to the fee for obtaining a master’s degree in the West.